The search for alien life is a never ending story. Mankind has been on this adventure for several decades, but despite all efforts, it has not yet achieved any success. In fact, this has led to theories that aliens are avoiding us. However, could the search be over? A recent statement from the China Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Group based at Beijing Normal University, so it hints.

According to a group of researchers from this academic institution, managed to detect anomalous transmissions using the FAST observatory (Spherical radio telescope five hundred meters opening, translated into Spanish), the largest currently on Earth. The same observatory will be used throughout the year to relay a message to possible alien civilizations in the universe.

Information comes directly from Journal of Science and Technology, Chinese government publication. In it they comment that FAST detected potentially suspicious signalsand although one theory is that it may come from an extraterrestrial civilization, they still need to confirm and rule out certain findings.

In 2020, the team found two sets of suspicious signals from extraterrestrial civilizations while processing data from the 2019 China Sky Eye joint survey, and in 2022, the team found another suspicious signal from observations of exoplanetary targets.

Professor Zhang Tongjie for the journal Science and Technology

Are these really alien signals? We can’t sing victory


However, Zhang Tongjie also notes that these signals may be caused by radio interference. Of course, distinguishing information to achieve the final result can be quite a long process.

Fortunately, in the process of observation and data processing in recent years, the team for the first time in the world proposed a multipath coincidence model for the search for extraterrestrial civilizations and frequency and polarization drift criteria for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. arena, which makes the process of identifying signs of extraterrestrial civilizations more complete from a scientific point of view.

Professor Zhang Tongjie for the journal Science and Technology

Besides, this is not the first time we hear this story. It was August 15, 1977, when Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope suspected extraterrestrial artificial signals detected. However, the report disappeared, and there was never a clear explanation for these signs.

Of course, almost half a century has passed since then, and our technology has improved a lot. But don’t get your hopes up, there is always something in the universe that we don’t know about that can cause bright signs in the eyes of scientists.

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