Juan Antonio Bayona He takes everything he does very seriously. Therefore, before shooting Snow Societyvisited the site in the Andes where Flight 571 crashed in 1972. In some interviews given after the film’s premiere, he admitted that he felt very bad about altitude sickness

This is not strange, because altitude sickness is nothing new. The passengers on this flight were certainly affected by this, as were the people who rise to great heights, be it for sports, tourism or any other reason. So, what are all the symptoms that Bayona experienced?

It is often said that mountain sickness occurs due to the fact that at high altitude oxygen concentration below. It is not true. At least this is not entirely accurate, since it is true that this is due to oxygen deficiency, but has nothing to do with its concentration in the air. In fact, the oxygen concentration in the air is always 21%, no matter what altitude we are at. Let’s take a look at what causes altitude sickness, what its symptoms are, and what you can do to avoid them as much as possible.

Causes of altitude sickness from which Juan Antonio Bayona suffered

The oxygen concentration in the air is always twenty one%. What changes with altitude is Atmosphere pressure. To understand this, we must think of it as the pressure exerted on us by a column of air above our heads. The higher we rise, the smaller this column will be, logically. Therefore, the atmospheric pressure will be lower.

The pressure of a mixture of gases, for example air, is formed by the sum partial pressures of the gases included in its composition. Consequently, if atmospheric pressure decreases, the partial pressure of all gases included in it, including oxygen, will also decrease.

This, in turn, leads to fewer oxygen molecules for the same volume of air. As a result, with each breath taken by a person at high altitude, less oxygen enters the lungs and less of this gas dissolves in the blood.

When Juan Antonio Bayona took the stage Snow Society understand that his heart was beating at an exaggerated rate. This happens because it tries to supply all tissues with enough blood to compensate for the small amount of oxygen dissolved in it. Other symptoms also appear, such as headache, confusion, nausea, dizziness, or trouble sleeping. All of these symptoms, as well as some similar symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition, must have been felt by the boys who inspired the story. Snow Society. Initially, they are not serious symptoms. The problem is that in some cases they can get worse, causing a lot of anxiety.

Some difficulties

Some medical conditions, such as diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), are not known to increase the likelihood of mountain sickness, but may become more difficult if a person experiences it.

Those who typically live at altitude are also more likely to suffer from altitude sickness. altitudes very close to sea level, since the change occurs more abruptly for them. In any case, it takes a few days for the body to get used to it, and there are usually no consequences. The problem is that in the few cases where this does not happen, very serious symptoms can occur, such as cerebral edema which, if left untreated, is fatal in as little as 12 hours.

Altitude sickness is not the most serious illness that the main characters in the film suffered from in the real story.

Could they have avoided this? Snow Society?

The best recommendation to avoid altitude sickness is to climb gradually. Climbers are advised that if they begin to experience symptoms, Don’t keep climbing. That is, they should wait until their body acclimatizes to the altitude before increasing it further.

It is logical that this is what the main characters Snow Society in real life. Perhaps Juan Antonio Bayona could do it, but the good thing is that he will not be at high altitude for long and that he will have necessary resources what to pay attention to in case of emergency.

In general, altitude sickness is usually not serious. This happens to many people and goes away on its own without problems. Main characters Snow Society They will have other, perhaps more serious problems. So much for taking the radical measures they were forced to take.

Source: Hiper Textual

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