They were available on the Google marketplace, but behind these seemingly harmless apps was a dangerous malware A story that repeats itself all too often. Researchers from the SecneurX team discovered six malicious applications hidden in the Google Play Store

The user was persuaded to download an apparently legitimate application, but ended up downloading – without his knowledge – one of the two most dangerous Android malware: Hydra and Joker. The two malware are among the most widespread within the Android ecosystem and are regularly updated to become more sophisticated and escape Google’s security controls.

The full list of apps that have been removed from the Play Store:

If you have them, delete them immediately.

The researchers then managed to track down some other malicious apps, which luckily were blocked before they could be distributed within the Play Store. The list includes:

Even though they were absent from the Google marketplace, the criminals still distributed them through some unofficial channels i.e. alternative app stores or through the direct download of the APK through browser. The above requirement also applies here: applications must be removed in time and it is good that you take all necessary measures to secure your smartphone.

Source: Lega Nerd

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