According to ET News sources, Samsung will once again be the leading manufacturer of Apple displays, this time for the upcoming iPhone 14 series smartphones. It is said that there are about 80 million OLED screen orders.

While Samsung isn’t technically the only one making screens for Apple, mass production of screens for the iPhone 14 will begin in the third quarter of this year. For example, Samsung Display has partnered with Duksan Neolux, Solus Advanced Materials and Samsung SDI to manufacture all these units. There may also be other (smaller or smaller) manufacturers that have ordered from Apple.

However, according to the same sources, there is talk of excluding an order from the Chinese BOE, which no longer meets Apple’s requirements due to a change in OLED production. If that’s true, Samsung will undoubtedly win a larger order than originally anticipated.

Samsung is by far the largest supplier of displays for the Apple iPhone 14, as with 80 million units the American company has come a long way. Apple is expected to sell approximately 100 million units in the first 7 months after release, based on iPhone 12 series sales and comparable iPhone 13 series sales. To qualify this somewhat, Apple expects to sell fewer iPhones than in previous years, due to the ongoing chip shortage. It is difficult to say whether this prediction applies especially to the iPhone 14 series.

Samsung has been supplying large quantities of OLED displays to Apple since the iPhone X.

Source: ET News

Source: Hardware Info

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