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34 tech news to start your morning up to date


Board of Directors Twitter approved final sale of the social network to Elon Musk. At the same time, he threw new blogging service be able to write texts up to 2500 words.

In the midst of an alarming crisis with their workers Amazon unveils its Proteus robotdesigned to … do part of the work of its employees.

Android Auto stopped working on mobile phones, leaving thousands of users stranded.

Listen to “What is plogging?” on speaker.

technology news

Remove these apps from your Android phone: there is a Trojan hiding inside. Read news

Twitter now wants to be a blog and is a new platform for long texts. Read news

Microsoft is desperate for Google and starts “paying” for Bing searches. Read news

“Bitcoin is dead” is the best you can hear, according to the CEO of Binance.. Read news

Twitter Board of Directors finally approves the purchase of Elon Musk. Read news

End of an era: Android Auto will stop working on our phone screen. Read news


How to access and set up Google News now that it’s available again in Spain. Read news

Mediatek announces Dimensity 9000+ and competes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.. Read news

Your iPhone has a hidden (and very useful) camera that you probably didn’t know about. Read news

The new Motorola Edge 30 Lite shows off its design and some of its stellar specs. Read news

One of the best features of Android 13 will be available to all manufacturers. Read news

computers and tablets

The new LG Grams arrive in Spain and are accompanied by a new +view portable monitor. Read news

LG Gram+View

How to Create a Header and Footer in Google Docs. read the textbook


Everything we know about Apple AR/VR glasses. Read news

5 reasons why Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is worth it. Read news

Here’s what you need to do to use your Chromecast in a hotel. Read news

Can I use Bizum from outside of Spain? Read news

How to Request a Social Security Work Life Report Online in 2022. Read the guide

Amazon has unveiled its new Proteus robot in a familiar shape. Read news


autonomous robot amazon

Play it safe with these prices: Tricks to pick the perfect watermelon or melon without opening it. Read news

Crackers! The networks are exploding against Mercadona for abusing redulation.. Read news

5 All-Natural Appetite Suppressants. Read news

entertainment and games

Paramount+ announces its arrival in several European countries, but forgets about Spain for now. Read news

Marvel’s latest hit is coming to Disney+ after box office explosion: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.. Read news

Pluto TV Star Trek has been released, a new trekking channel that you can watch for free and without registration. Read news

Pluto TV Star Trek

The Netflix feature everyone wants to turn off but doesn’t know how (please). Read news

The 7 Best Zombie Games You Should Try on Your Android. check list


Android Auto for mobile phones stops working, leaving thousands of users with no options. Read news

What is the fastest commercial vehicle in the world. Read news

What is the maximum speed you can ride a bike and DGT fines for exceeding it. Read news

What happens if you have an accident without passing ITV. Read news

science and culture

Scientists are developing a new electronic “tattoo” that can control blood pressure. Read news

After decades of trying, the US is taking the biggest step in its history to stop tobacco use. Read news

Curiosities of the day

Fog TV and other amazing ways to use transparent screens (video). Read news


[CH] Fog TV and other ways to use transparent screens

It was technology roundup of the day. Have a good day!

Source: Computer Hoy

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