When Twitter introduced features such as i Spoken Tweets, the company was criticized for not thinking about accessibility, as both features initially had no captions. Twitter later added captions for the audio feature and moved on to automatically generated captions for all videos.

Captions were not that accessible in the past and at some point the option was left out in the accessibility settings so you had to know the location to be able to use it. Automatic subtitles are better than nothing, but they do not replace the correct transcription recorded by the creators in the form of subtitles, which can be turned on and off. Twitter has now rolled out an update that enables captioning. So activating/deactivating subtitles is ready for everyone on iOS and Android! Just press the “CC” button on the available subtitle videos to turn everything on/off.

The CC button only appears if a video has embedded subtitles and is not used to activate automatically generated subtitles. This is probably causing some confusionwith some thinking their app didn’t update when watching a video without subtitles and others wondering why the button only pops up every now and then.

It remains to be seen how the end users of the Twitter platform will take up this news, and especially how they will use it during their sessions on the social network in their spare time. However, the fact remains that it is a feature that is already present on other famous social networks, and therefore it was essential for Twitter to catch up and add this new feature that would significantly increase the video viewing by users on the platform. can improve.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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