Lambda Cold Dark Matter (LCDM) is the current standard model responsible for trying to explain the history and evolution of the universe, but new research suggests that the model may not be entirely accurate.

Scientists draw attention dark energy is weakening and this affects the evolution of the cosmos as a whole; They even claim that this weakening could result in the end of the universe, an event known as the ‘Great Crunch’.

A team of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) scientists collected data from the universe to develop one of the deepest maps of the universe. Astronomers also noticed that the results of the new study were not consistent with the LCDM model used to explain the building blocks of the universe. In other words, if the data are correct, the LCDM no longer represents the best model explaining the science around us.

Ultimately, the researchers have a good indication that the definitive answer to the nature of dark energy is not contained in the current standard model. Dark energy acted as an extra force in the universe after the Big Bang, astronomers explain; The event got everything started, but it was dark energy that kept the expansion’ continuing to pull forward.

“The announcement of these results was a big day for cosmology; it pointed to the effect of dark energy ‘decaying’ over time, meaning that it was evolving and therefore not constant. The discovery of evolving dark energy, if confirmed by future data, would be as revolutionary as the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the universe itself.” will happen.” former DESI team member and cosmologist Luz Ángela García Peñaloza of ECCI University in Colombia told the website: space.

Dark energy and the Big Crunch

In any case, scientists still know very little about dark energy, and so they used the data collected by DESI to try to discover what this extra driving force is. Dark energy appears to underlie the functioning of our universe. hence it is important to understand its concepts to understand the history and nature of how the cosmos got here.

Understanding the mystery of dark energy is also important for explaining the fate of the universe. One possible scenario is that galaxies die in the great cold known as the ‘Great Cold’; However, another alternative is the ‘Big Rip’, a scenario that could collapse the structure of space-time due to the accelerating expansion of the universe.

The new DESI map suggests that the accelerating expansion of the universe will stop and eventually reverse. Like this, the entire cosmos will begin to come together under the influence of gravity, something that could lead to the ‘Great Crunch’ scenario, a massive collapse into itself caused by the increasing force of gravity.

“If dark energy is the immutable cosmological constant, there is a scenario in which, over a very long period of time, all galaxies will move so far away from each other that the night sky on Earth will be empty. García Peñaloza said, “It gives us insight into how the universe behaves and how dark energy shapes the universal structure on a larger scale. “They will give a completely new view of the subject,” he adds.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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