Carrying a house on your back is no longer synonymous with large and expensive motorhomes. For some time now campers became famous due to their price, versatility and the ability to get almost anywhere. They are also a highly recommended option for cost-effectively transforming old cars and visiting locations around the world with complete freedom.

This is such a growing sector that even Dacia has taken care of this by being one of the most respected DIY camper brands. And, although there are versions ready to buy and drive, The most normal thing is to work from scratch on a car and a house together.. For this reason, none of these vans are usually similar to the other, and there are a wide variety of options.

So much so that we have prepared a list with the most amazing campervans on the market, those that you look at non-stop when you meet them at a campsite or on the road. And not only because they are unique, but also because they are technologically advanced or complex. Which of these 5 do you prefer?

Mercedes G-Camper

Let’s start with one of the most adventurous. This Mercedes G Class converted into a camper This will be a favorite of researchers. If you know the world, you know that the German brand doesn’t usually work on things like this in their catalog, so there’s a third party to the equation for this project.

Anything that isn’t a car comes from the Terracamper brand, which sells a kit ready to install on that model and turn it into a car. mini house for 3 people. It has a kitchen, beds, bathroom, awnings, storage, refrigerator, folding dinette and full electrical system.

The cost of the kit starts from 12,000 euros.a price you probably wouldn’t mind paying if you went to the checkout to buy a Mercedes G-Class for €150,000.

Volkswagen ID e-camper

Now, if instead of exploring the deserts you would rather maintain electric mobility, there is an option with which all lovers of the world can camper They will look at you. To get it, you only need a Volkswagen ID and a kit worth around 10,000 euros. a full-fledged house that can accommodate two people.

It has a storage room, electrical system, bathroom, bed, fold-out dinette, kitchen with induction hob and much more. turns it into one of the most beautiful and sophisticated campervans on the market. The bad news is that the base car isn’t cheap, starting at €60,000.

Renault Cangu Habiton

If you want something cheaper, there are few things more amazing than Habiton kit for Renault Kangoo. A button opens the van’s roof, retracts the base and deploys a tent-like structure on top of the vehicle. All in 54 seconds and room for two adults. It is accessed from the outside via a ladder and has camper furniture in the cargo area.

This is the perfect complement to Kangoo, although everything points to it. It is designed for use in the warmest climates.. Of course, this does not affect the aerodynamics of the car and is one of the most discreet options on the entire current market until the system is deployed.

Hummer EV Camper

Going to extremes—and absurdly expensive ones—we came across the Hummer EV camper kit. When unfolded, it reveals one of the most impressive interiors in the entire camper panorama. It has a kitchen, dining room, large bed, fully equipped kitchen. 360 degree window, bathroom, refrigerators, storage space and an overhead solar panel capable of powering the entire cabin.

According to the brand selling the kit, the solar system is capable of provide electricity for a week without an outlet. Of course, this extra weight is a problem for the Hummer EV’s batteries, so its battery life may not be too reassuring.

Hummer Camper

Skoda Roadyak

Finally, we can’t miss any of the the most interesting concepts in the field of campervans. The Skoda Academy has developed an electric car ideal for digital nomads. It perfectly meets the needs of the office worker and adventurer, including a very advanced electrical system, a large TV, a desk for work and a long list of accessories that turn this vehicle into a motorhome.

Unfortunately, it is not yet available for purchase. It’s more It is not even known whether this will become a reality in the future. or it will remain just another concept that won’t see the light of day.

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