volkswagen It has been the undisputed leader in the industry for years, but the fashion for SUVs and the arrival of electric vehicles has replaced the emblematic German manufacturer. However, the motor giant sat down to show that it could create a better alternative to Tesla Model 3, the undisputed leader of the electricity industry.

The idea of ​​the manufacturer is to become a reference point in the electric automotive industry. Like this, The target for 2030 is that 70% of its sales in Europe will consist of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen ID.Aero, an electric saloon with guns

we are applying new Volkswagen ID.Areo, a model that comes pre-loaded. We talked about the new electric Porsche a few weeks ago, now this sedan is showing the way.

A true “anti-Tesla” Coming to keep up with the Model 3. And Volkswagen’s sixth electric car has everything you need. In addition, the German firm will begin to manufacture this vehicle in China in order to attack one of its major rival’s main markets for the first time. It will then start production in Europe in 2023, thus reaching Spain and other countries.

As for the Volkswagen ID.Aero, The dimensions of this vehicle are about five meters. to provide a spacious product with a large capacity in the trunk. They didn’t provide specific data in the press release, but everything indicates that space will be one of the strengths of this electric sedan from the Wolfsburg-based giant.

They rear wheel drive It has an unknown strength, although it is a detail that needs to be confirmed, we can expect its autonomy around 600 kilometers according to various sources to be one of its strengths. And definitely all-wheel drive.

Highlight some details such as lack of opening handles on the doors, Since the German firm opted for an illuminated touchpad system, you only need to swipe it to open the door.

We also see other details that are surprising on an aesthetic level, for example: front with light frame So the vehicle can be seen from afar, it also has LED matrix headlights.

when it comes The launch price of this Volkswagen ID.AreoIt’s a complete mystery at the moment so we’ll have to wait for it to reveal more details about it, but we can assume it will be around 70,000 euros.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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