May 3 city residents YasujWest of Iranthey saw how fish rain fell from the sky after several days of meteorological instability. This may seem like a biblical plague, but in fact it has been documented many times. Some, many centuries ago.

It’s not always raining fish. Other animals, such as frogs, may also fall from the sky. There are even documented cases of pieces of meat falling from the sky. The latter is less common and clearly unpleasant. The other is still a curious rarity, which is usually always accompanied by tornado or waterspout.

Both phenomena occur in the same way. The only difference between one and the other is that a tornado occurs on the sea, while a tornado occurs on land. Otherwise the result is kind of vortex which can suck in everything in its path, including small animals, which thus rise upward until they join the clouds and then fall out as rain.

Origin of Fish Rain

Both a tornado and a waterspout are formed when a flow of cold, dry air and a flow of warm, moist air They collide with each other. After the collision, the two currents begin to move parallel, but in opposite directions. In this case, the cold, heavier one goes down, and the hot, lighter one rises up. In this way, a kind of tubular air flow is formed, which, when it hits the ground, turns into Whirlpool.

fish rain
Fish showers have been recorded for centuries. This image belongs to the engraving of Olaus Magnus “Pluy de Poissons” (1555).

When this happens, some warm air may become trapped under the flow of cold air that was unable to rise in the first place. However, as the vortex forms, it finds a small hole through which it can climb upward. He does it so fast that sucks everything he findsfor example, when we suck through a straw.

In the case of a waterspout, it can absorb water along with unsuspecting fish that swim around, oblivious to what is happening above them. Having walked a long way, they meet cumulonimbus clouds, these are the clouds with which tornadoes are commonly associated. Once there, they become nuclei for the formation of new clouds. We must remember that clouds usually form when water droplets organize themselves around particles in the atmosphere, which act as nuclei. For this reason, in some countries with severe drought, they have tried to spray particles into the atmosphere that help generate more clouds and with them more chance of rain.

In this case, fish, frogs or some other animal become nuclei and remain motionless in the clouds until they fall under their own weight. Clouds laden with animals weigh more, so fish rain occurs quickly.

Not to be confused with the rains of other animals.

We have already seen that fish rain, like frog rain, is usually associated with tornadoes or waterspouts. However, there are other animal rains with very different origins.

rain of iguanas
Iguana rains don’t actually fall from the sky. Credit: John Cobb (Unsplash)

For example, this is the case iguana rains this has been documented in places such as Florida. It may seem that they also fall from the sky like rain of fish, but in fact their origin is much closer: in tree branches.

Iguanas are animals that are unable to regulate their temperature, unlike what happens with other species, such as humans themselves. They cannot maintain a constant temperature, so they cool down at low temperatures and heat up when they rise. This is why when the temperature drops too low, they end up freezing. freezing This prevents them from continuing to cling to tree branches where they normally live and eventually falling as rain.

Rains from spiders have also been documented, but in this case it is due to the migration mode that some arachnid species have, within some silk balls They can travel long distances through the air.

Fish rain is much more like traditional rain in that it comes from the clouds. When this happens to frogs, it is much safer as the animals usually make it out alive and can find a new home on their own. For fish, even if they fall alive, if they do not fall into the sea, it will be much more difficult for them to survive. This is the great tragedy of these types of events. Otherwise it’s still meteorological curiosity.

Source: Hiper Textual

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