As recently reported on the pages of Digital trendsdespite Apple talk about the possibility of iPhone from withstanding up to 30 minutes in water, the devices are able to do much better. Owain Davies he recently talked about how after he lost his phone in a river he got the same phone at home and even worked in the water after 10 months. This all came after searches in Gloucestershire failed last summer.

Miguel Pacheco found Davies’ iPhone while on a boat with his family, eventually sharing it all with the pages of BBC, and realized how, despite its poor appearance, it was still functional and capable of charging. The date of August 13 when the device was lost was shown, with the photo of a couple, and the whole thing was posted on social media to identify the real owner.

The phone was lost while Davies was in the water, and he realized, clearly too late, how his phone had gone missing and ended up in the frozen river as a result. Obviously it was quite unlikely to find it, and certainly the fact that it was found after so many months and thus ended up in the hands of its owner again is quite unlikely.

It should be emphasized that the resistance of the device in question is also incredible, which has in fact resisted all along and is still functional, allowing the user to return to normal use after a good cleaning. Obviously this was a rare case, and it doesn’t mean other iPhones could last that long.

Source: Lega Nerd

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