Meteorite in Spain and Portugal. This is exactly what those who were in different parts of the area saw and were surprised. Andalusia, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura, Galicia and northern Portugal. just before 1am last night.

Dazzling celestial body crossing the sky at full speed, illuminating the night as it passes. Because the only thing missing from a hyper-connected society is documentation. amateur about the event.

But where did yesterday’s meteorite fall? Although the Portuguese media emphasized that The meteorite may have fallen in the Portuguese region of Castro Daire., there is no confirmation of such an event, and it could end in fragmentation over the Atlantic. If it had not reached the shore, we could be talking about a meteor.

Meteorite captured on video

As I said, there is no shortage of documentation. The meteorite phenomenon was widely recorded by passersby and surveillance cameras alike in Spain and Portugal, leaving behind a green flash.

What is a meteorite?

A meteorite is a fragment of rock or metal from outer space that has survived its journey through the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the surface of the planet. These celestial objects, unlike meteoroids which, as I pointed out earlier, disintegrate completely in the atmosphere, are resilient enough to withstand extreme heat and friction, leaving a luminous trail known as a meteor or shooting star.

He the color they produced when released into the atmosphere depends on its composition. Thus, not everyone leaves the same mark. This is why it is easy to assume that the meteorite from Spain and Portugal contained large amounts of magnesium, which is responsible for such a bright green color. In fact, this event is reminiscent of a very similar event that occurred in Argentina almost ten years ago.

Source: Hiper Textual

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