Walking on the red planet can be a challenge. Finally, Even if there is less gravitational force on MarsUsing a suit weighing approximately 130 kg to move around your spacecraft will not be an easy task. So how about expanding your horizons and taking our neighbor in the solar system on a walking adventure?

Many miles will be covered in temperatures ranging from very unfavorable to a scorching summer. Expect sandstorms, radiation, and climbing mountains steeper than Mount Everest along the way. Want to know how long it will take to complete this task? Read on.

Let the journey begin!

The circumference of Mars’ equator is approximately 21,400 kilometers. If you choose the shortest route, you can try to go around the poles, which will shorten the distance by about 160 kilometers.

However Cold polar temperatures could hinder significant progressThis may result in reduced distance to travel, but perhaps increased weather conditions and freezing approaching.

The path chosen, it’s time to plan the materials. In the event of a breakdown, transportation of food, water and oxygen will be required, as well as other services such as tools and extra equipment.

When all these are put together, a very important weight to be taken on the journey will emerge. may affect the speed of travel and therefore the time required to complete the journey around Mars.

Professor Erdal Yiğit from George Mason University, in an interview with Space.com, made an approximate calculation of how long it would take to complete the mission. Yiğit’s calculation assumes that a person can walk at a speed of approximately 5 km/h (kilometers per hour).

Thus, by a simple division of length by speed, if the adventurer could walk uninterrupted, the result would be 4,280 hours. In Martian days, this period would equate to approximately 174 days.. Days on Mars are slightly longer than on Earth, lasting 24.7 hours.

However, since we are human and have basic food and rest needs, Erdal calculates that the journey will take at least 91 more days, making a total of 265 days of expedition. Since a year on Mars is about 687 days, it will take you just over a third of a year to complete your adventure.

Obstacles along the way

a curiosity about Mars is the planet whose days are named after the Sun and other characteristics of the red planet, you may need much more sun to complete your hike. Mars has lush valleys and its highest point, Mount Olympus, is 27 kilometers high.

Since a year on Mars has approximately 687 days, it will take you just over a third of a year to complete your adventure.

Making human missions to the planet and walking there is the goal of many researchers. Expeditions are being planned with a focus on the coming decades, and methods are being developed to ensure astronauts’ survival in this arid, low-atmosphere space.

In the future, perhaps afternoon walks could be bathed in blue light during sunsets on Mars.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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