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Headlight error if you have a current car could cost you a DGT fine


Surely you have noticed that all modern cars in the headlights have an LED strip that is constantly on. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, this band – very bright – always lights the way.

The reason is nothing but safety. Daytime running lights were a measure approved in the European Union that requires all brands to use this technology in vehicle headlights. From Porsche Taycan to Dacia Sandero.

And although daytime running lights have proven effective in reducing the number of traffic accidents in recent years, they are also the cause of a very common situation, which, unfortunately, is the reason for a DGT sanction or fine.

A few weeks ago, the General Directorate of Traffic reminded us that it is mandatory to turn on the lights, referring to various circumstances that are quite frequent and may go unnoticed by some drivers.

For example, the use of dipped or low beam headlights is mandatory in circumstances such as between sunset and sunrise, in tunnels, in reverse lanes or in the opposite direction, in conditions of poor visibility and a specification that motorcycles must always use.


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Daytime running lights of modern cars do not replace low beam

With all this, it is important to understand that the daytime running lights of modern cars do not replace the dipped beam. That is, in all situations in which dipped beam is mandatory, it continues to be, despite the fact that our car has daytime running lights.

This is because the daytime running light is just a prop for our car when we drive during the day, with full visibility and without the need to turn on the dipped headlights. In case it is night, there is little light, or we are driving in a tunnel, all drivers must turn on their dipped or dipped beam.

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