Elon Musk will cheat with Tesla’s self-driving system. The report says the company’s chief executive is prioritizing his own routes and those of some influential people control the narrative. The company’s employees admitted that The Full Self-Driving System (FSD) is optimized for travel by Musk and a select group of content creators..

In accordance with Business InsiderHuman annotators responsible for checking the driving system are prioritizing data from Elon Musk’s Tesla. Videos and images taken from Musk’s car are given preferential treatment.so that the autopilot and FSD system can better navigate your routes. On the other hand, a group of famous YouTubers and drivers is also important to the company, so their Tesla videos will show better performance.

According to the report, several members of the scoring team spent significant amounts of time Tesla Elon Musk Video Review. Workers plotted a route to one of their mansions and identified problems in the work. Others did the same during trips to the Gigafactory in Texas and the SpaceX and Twitter offices in California.

Yes, sure There is no evidence that these videos are related to Elon Musk’s Tesla.Workers made their findings by reviewing the routes and locations visited by the vehicle. Some employees note that Their managers never told them it was Elon’s car.However, John Bernal, a former Autopilot analyst, said he was told they were working with Musk’s data and should be careful.

Tesla's Fully Self-Driving

Tesla employees prioritize Elon Musk to ensure he has the best experience

Some employees said they disagreed with Elon Musk being put first and They called this policy unfair.The problem was that none of them could refuse, because their careers at Tesla were on the line. If they didn’t, or did it poorly, it meant they would lose their jobs, as happened to one of the bombardiers who made a mistake in the road sign.

“It seemed pretty obvious that Elon’s experience would be better than anyone else’s,” said one former Tesla employee. “It felt like we were deliberately redesigning his car to make Autopilot look different than it actually was.”

When influential peopleTesla puts in the front row those most likely to share their experiences online. Scoring specialists prioritize this group and carefully analyze videos of their cars to note errors. On the other hand, the company uses test drivers like Bernal to walk these drivers’ routes and troubleshoot FSD glitches.

YouTube video

An example mentioned in the report is the case of YouTuber Tesla Raj, who posted a video with software errors and Tesla sent pilots to find the source of the problemWhile it may seem like preferential treatment, other workers say the data they get from drivers like Raj helps improve FSD.

Tesla’s goals are aimed View clips coming from Tesla camerasWhen the autonomous driving system does not respond as expected, they note that the training has failed to improve. These annotations work not only for the route in question, but also for similar situations that other workers may encounter.

The criticism of FSD and its inconsistencies stem from the fact that the system prioritizes Elon Musk and VIP routes. California’s streets are not configured in the same way as other states or countries, which could impact development.

Source: Hiper Textual

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