Google has agreed to fix one class action presented by some independent developers with a transaction of 90 million dollars The developers accused Google of violating US antitrust laws.

The developers disputed the policy of Google Play, the largest marketplace for Android apps. In particular, the developers contested the obligation to use Google Pay as a payment and accounting method for in-app transactions. For years, Google Pay has – recalls The Verge magazine – has a 30% commission to developers. In July 2021, in response to this class action, Google agreed to reduce fees to 15% for developers with less than $1 million in revenue.

A total of 48,000 children had participated in the class action developers of apps in the United States. The compensation of 90 million dollars it will be distributed among the participants, who are entitled to compensation of a minimum of $250 up to a maximum of 200 thousand.

“Today, nearly 48,000 tireless app developers will receive the fair payment they are entitled to for the fruits of their labor,” announced group attorney Steve Berman. “This agreement gives developers more opportunities for growth and revenue.”

Google has also committed to creating a new section of the Play Store dedicated to independent apps.

Source: Lega Nerd

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