Blue Origin has created two new departments within the Blue Alchemist project, one of which deals with the project on the orbital station, the second is dedicated to economic activities on the Moon. We poured a commercial offer on d dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd proved

The Blue Alchemist project has been implemented quietly for the past two years, and within its framework, engineers are also looking for the possibility of processing artificial regolith, which chemically fully corresponds to the lunar soil. This is an extremely useful material, as it is rich in silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium and other useful substances. Calculations of reserves that the complete processing of regolith can reduce the use of stocks of building and production materials for lunar colonies from the Earth.

The high-temperature electrolysis technology developed by Blue Alchemist extracted 99% pure silicon from regolith, which became the basis for full-fledged panels of panels. From the seized elements, transparent glass protective casings for them were obtained, plus metals suitable for creating building structures. Alas, all this is implemented only in laboratories, so now Blue Origin namerena checks their developments of our infusion Moon.

Source: Tech Cult

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