Alexa speaks in italicsAnd the voice assistant obeys by improvising a beautiful curtain. Another Alexa easter egg, which can mention Star Wars, among other things, spit fire like a Game of Thrones dragon and even unlock a ‘secret function’ with the Konami Code .

This time, however, the reference is completely Italian. The Easter egg jokes, in fact, trend-created (or at least popularized) by the Lombard tiktoker Elisa Esposito Italics, a funny way of speaking (some would say cringe) and that makes the cadence of Milanese girls ridiculous to the utmost.

The command is easy to activate: “Alexa speaks in italics”. And the voice assistant replies: “But certio amioooo, I studied and now I’m one of the best allugniiii, I can’t wait for the next check”. If you haven’t lived in a cave, the exchange will sound familiar. Alexa actually cites a viral video that has in turn been the subject of dozens of parodies.

Meanwhile, Elisa Esposito is in the spotlight, between hosted in the disco and even a cameo in the program of La 7 ‘Propaganda Live’, where she was asked to repeat a meeting by Giorgia Meloni. In italics, of course.

It’s not the only all-Italian Easter egg from Alexa, who had already introduced a command a year ago inspired by Lillo’s appearance on the Amazon Prime reality show “LOL – Who’s Laughing Is Out.”

Source: Lega Nerd

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