The Institute of Microbiology at ETH Zurich analyzed 1,000 seawater samples and the results are astonishing. Analyzing the DNA of microorganisms that populate the oceans never before have molecules and chemical compounds been discovered. In the experts’ research, it seems that there is also a possible use of it in medical field

The DNA of any organism, regardless of size, contains the encoded proteins necessary for biological activity. Recent studies have shown immeasurably that this DNA comes released into the environment in which these organisms live, making it possible to track them.

Environmental DNA: what has been discovered

Let’s talk about the so-called Environmental DNA, subject of discussion and study by the Zurich Polytechnic and beyond. Thanks to the evolution in technology and science, it has been possible to perform new analyzes on the already available marine samples.

Surprises were certainly not lacking, opening the doors of a world sometimes unknown even to the scholars themselves: live in the oceans Single-celled organisms never seen before are starting to fill the notebooks and mouths of marine biology experts.

unknown molecules In the samples analyzed, organisms were found that were thought to live only on water, but that’s not all. As many as 35,000 new genomes of sets of genes capable of producing these molecules have been recognized.

According to experts, these molecules could also be used in the medical world, for example in the production of antibiotics This is only the first step towards exploring the infinite and vast world of the oceans, proving how good it is to maintain their life and balance.

Source: Lega Nerd

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