Recently ended season weird things left one of the series’ most unusual scenes in its six years of streaming. He also made it clear that there are significant gaps in logic and coherence in the series’ brilliant script. And one of them is that he surrounds the stage with Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) during his already iconic episode in the final chapters of the series. We mean of course to the scene where Eddie plays Master Of Puppets from Metallic Rock in the middle of the Upside Down.

Both critics and viewers agree that this is perhaps the high point of the fourth season of the series. weird things. But the sequence leaves one question unanswered. Eddie performs his full blown electric guitar diversion. Is there electricity at Upside Down? In fact, everything related to the great feat of Eddie refers to the same question. Where did the energy come from to achieve something like this? Does Upside Down replicate the functioning of the main world services outside of portals?

The answer could be contrary to the whole approach of a completely unknown dimension, which, moreover, has its own laws and areas. At the same time, everything that Vecna ​​brings up, explaining detail by detail that Upside Down is a place beyond the domain of man. How could something like this happen if the gloomy dimension copies something as ordinary as electricity? Also, weird things on this occasion, delve deeply into fundamental ideas about the Upside Down. One of them is his unknown ghost, cruel and wild.

Loose Threads in Stranger Things Season 4’s Great Plot

Of course, this is a minor error which, while not affecting the strength of the argument, confuses more observant fans with weird things. But this, no doubt, raises some issues related to respect for the nature of Upside Down.

Unless it’s a reasoning, continuity or internal logic error weird things. Is there anything else about the strange, dark dimension that the show didn’t fully reveal? In addition to the dark side of reality, is it also a twisted version of the world as we know it? Rapid detail raises questions from a new place.

If there is electricity, that means it will probably be the mysterious version of energy as it is known. In fact, the scene makes it clear that it can – or at least should – exist in significant numbers. After all, Eddie not only plays his great guitar solo, but also plugs in the amps..

All in the middle of an ominous wasteland surrounded by flying monsters. doweird thingsthen establishes that the Reversed can produce its own forms of energy? Something similar to electricity but with dark area characteristics?

Farewell on a monumental scale

Nothing is clear and most likely this is a plot error. Small, which, of course, does not affect the sense of the extraordinary series. ActuallyThe end of the fourth season of Stranger Things has come and stunned fans.

Several scenes from the history of pop culture and an emotional farewell to your favorite character. weird things moved to tears. As if that wasn’t enough, he left the door open for the fifth and final season. The end of the story, already announced for 2024, promises a much more extraordinary version of the Hawkins conflict. Also, possibly from Eleven and her abilities. At the moment, It remains only to celebrate one of the brightest season finales of the Netflix series. and, no doubt, the history of television.

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