There are those who have an immeasurable love for i . to have books, so much so that he feels the constant need to buy them. The condition Tsundoku derived from Tsunde what does it mean pile of things and then Okay get out of there for a while So from these two parts came Tsundoku, a very curious word, which has now also become famous in Italy. Our country has also lost track of the people who buy books and pile them on their bedside tables without reading them.

Books are bought while waiting to be read and browsed. Sometimes they are fished out, other times they remain on the shelves for years. Wouldn’t it be better to read them? Isn’t that the real ecstasy? No, the real ecstasy is thepurchase

Something called bibliomania is more calibrated like a document, OCD in itself accumulation violent of books. However, let’s emphasize the difference. Bibliomania is meant to collect books while Tsundoku refers to those who buy them with the intention of reading them. In the end, he forgets and gives in to the desire for a new continuous purchasing of volumes.

A way out of the tunnel

They are distributed on the internet advice about how to get out of Tsundoku. Why not donate unread books to other people who want to read them? Nowadays, the e-book does not have the romantic smell of print and it is a good solution. It allows you to collect many books without taking up space.

Tsundoku is a far from passing evil, as most people don’t give up the poetic purchase of the paper book to pile up without reading. It’s like a psychological safety know you have them close.

Source: Lega Nerd

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