l’identity it’s also in the breath, not just in fingerprints: This is the surprising result of a study from Japan’s Kyushu University. In fact, it seems that a artificial nose able to recognize our identity by analyzing the chemical compounds we emit while breathing.

Not only material for directors of spy films and action films, but also and above all a cause for study and reflection. This state-of-the-art device has achieved a 97% success rate inidentification from peopleopening the doors to a truly groundbreaking turning point.

Human scent has recently emerged as a new class of biometric authentication that essentially uses your unique chemical makeup to confirm who you are.

Chaiyanut Jirayupat, researcher coordinating the investigation

The artificial nose arises from the need to introduce an almost infallible and imperishable method of identifying a person. No fewer than 28 have been found by researchers chemical ingredients otherwise in people’s breath to find out their identity.

From here they built the artificial nose, designed around 16″ sensors that can analyze the different chemical compounds. For each person who took part in the study, a profile of their breath was developed, crossing data from the various sensors.

Of the 20 people, the sensor recognized 97% of the identities. Small curiosity: The participants in the experiment were asked to fast for at least six hours. Only in this way, it seems, would the breath detection have been reliable for the purposes of: recognition

A situation under investigation by scientists looking for a solution to solve this minor problem. Therefore the artificial nose is not yet ready to be integrated into our smartphones and into our daily lives, but it is only a matter of time

Source: Lega Nerd

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