The increase in home internet usage was also reflected in the increase in fixed internet connections. This may be due to the large number of people still in telecommunications.

According to the figures given by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (Mintic) in the bulletin for the third quarter of 2021, the total number of fixed internet access in Colombia reached 8.25 million at the end of the third quarter of that year. Approximately 560,000 new accesses were made from those recorded in the same quarter of the previous year, when the figure of 7.69 million was reached.

However, this situation also triggered a wave of complaints against operators due to possible disruptions in home internet services.

According to Diana Rojas, Core Broadband Engineer at Claro Colombia, When there is only Wi-Fi from the basic router, signal interruption can occur due to the nature of the loopholes, especially to walls, because the network cannot flow freely and collides with various obstacles, which weakens the signal and causes service failure.

This device has several names; In addition to the repeater, it is also known as an amplifier or Wi-Fi adapter. Its main purpose is to expand the coverage of the network located in a place, be it home or business. Every time users want their Internet service to load, companies carry a wired router where the connection is distributed either wirelessly or via a cable.

However, in many cases, this service is not sufficient and the repetition of failures leads users to seek other alternatives. In this case, a repeater could be an interesting solution.

On the other hand, clutter at home with traditional methods can be a disadvantage. While a wired connection will always be faster and more stable, it is not possible to have a full connection network in your home for those who have to share the network.

Repeaters have a simple operation; it’s one or two wireless routers, one collects the Wi-Fi signal already inside the area and sends it to the second one to expand the coverage, this process allows the internet to reach places where it just can’t reach with the base router.

One of the keys to its optimal operation is that users should carefully select the site where the repeater will be. This is key and the recommendation is to place it at an intermediate point within where the router is located and where the network needs it to reach.

Another thing Since it is recommended to integrate with WPA2-PSK (AES), you should consider the security standards of the device when reviewing it.. This refers to the encryption method used, which protects against someone else accessing the network.

Users looking to buy in Colombia have several alternatives. Firstly contact your operator and request this service, in which case you rent or sell the device, the fee is generated on the monthly service bill.

In the case of Claro, the repeater solution is called Ultra Wifi and has a mesh type Wi-Fi network consisting of a modem/router or base station and some or ultra wifi access points communicating with each. other to create a single Wi-Fi network with the same SSID. They also have a cipher to provide greater coverage and signal security, the price range is between 4,000 and 48,000 pesos per month.

There are three different types of network extenders that Tigo offers to its customers. First, Deco Mesh in two different versions: the M4 is valued at 399,000 pesos and the E4 can be purchased for 299,900 pesos. On the other hand, there is an Archer C50 that costs 163,900 pesos, and lastly, the company is offering the Archer C80 for 349,900.

Another operator that offers this service on rental basis is Movistar, which offers rental alternatives for 2,990 pesos per month. The company has the repeater for customers with fiber optic and a compatible router; If users meet this requirement, they will be able to install the devices by themselves.

If they do not have fiber optics or a compatible router, the repeater must be installed by a technician and this can cost 20,000 pesos in some cases.

These devices can also be purchased from tech stores or online, depending on your preference.

Those interested can find many alternatives out there, and there are even well-known brands that have devices with these functions.

One of the most notorious repeaters online is the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro, which costs around 40,000 Colombian pesos via commercial platforms. This device has wireless connectivity, it also offers speeds of 300 Mbps, has single band 2.4 GHz and includes two external antennas to improve the quality of the network.

Huawei company also has an alternative which, although the cost is slightly higher, allows its signal to be able to connect to the mobile phone and boost the Internet to a higher level. It claims that the WiFi AX3 can maintain connectivity even if they are one floor away from the main router and can even connect up to 128 devices. It is for sale in Colombia for 329,900 pesos and can be found on the Huawei page.

An additional recommendation is to call the operators to evaluate if this is the best alternative or even to get additional information. With this, users will be able to choose a tool based on what their home network requires, as well as the amount they are willing to invest in this technology, which will undoubtedly improve their gaming, browsing, studying or working from home experience without interruption. wax.

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