Many people today lead a lifestyle that makes it very difficult for them to perform certain tasks that are important to their health. Due to lack of time, we make mistakes, for example, we refuse fast food or do not do all the exercises that we should. However, solutions can be found. When it comes to food, there are more and more healthy packaged food options. And as regards an exerciseyou can always do it in Weekends. We may think that this is not enough; but according to a recent study, it is.

Of course, it’s not worth a couple of half-hour exercise sessions. The key is to focus on the weekend all the time for physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) or, equivalently, 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise.

It should be noted that one who has never exercised I shouldn’t just jump into these intense routines.. The ideal would be to go little by little. After all, little exercise is better than none. However, once you are physically fit enough, you can do these weekend intensives. Thus, according to a study published by scientists from University of Sao Paulo, would be enough to stay healthy. If what you’re looking for is a physical benefit, such as increased muscle mass or weight loss, you should check with your doctor. physical activity specialist

What are weekend warriors?

Weekend warriors are known for being people who concentrate all their exercise on the weekend. This is certainly difficult, as it requires fairly long and intense sessions.

Previous studies have already analyzed the benefits of exercising in this way. For example, one was published in 2017 that concluded that two sessions of exercise were enough to reduce the chance of dying from all causes, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. However, these studies did not compare weekend warriors with those who people who distribute exercises over short programs over more days.

That’s exactly what they did in this new study, which has just been published in JAMA Internal Medicine. And the truth is, they found almost no difference.


The main thing is to achieve a minimum of physical exercise

In this new study, data from 350,978 adultscollected in US National Health Interview between 1997 and 2013. In addition, the information was compared with other figures from National death rateuntil December 31, 2015.

All participants were divided into two groups depending on whether they were physically active or inactive. Those who did at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week were included as active. In addition, within this group they split into two new groups, depending on whether they were weekend warriors or spread the activity over more days.

It should be noted that the fact that they were self-reported data by the participants themselves can lead to bias. However, the sample is so large that it is considered sufficient to draw sufficiently convincing conclusions.

And the conclusions are there was almost no difference in mortality between weekend warriors and those who trained more days. It is clear that both had a great advantage over a more sedentary lifestyle. But when compared between them, there were practically no differences between the groups.

The only difference was that compared to inactive people, the risk ratios for mortality were lower. 0.92 for weekend warriors and 0.85 for those who trained all week. A minimal difference that cancels out if we look at cause-specific mortality figures.

It should be noted that when we talk about exercise, we mean both aerobic and strength training. In fact, the latter has also recently been shown to be very effective in preventing diseases like those mentioned above. Therefore, the WHO recommends a combination of both types of exercises. This is something weekend warriors should also be aware of. These are the most intense exercises, but they seem to be just as effective.

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