From the beginning of the year to the summer of 2022, about 60% of Russian companies decided to freeze investments, as it became known in the Aktion Finance service after a survey of financial directors of companies in the field of trade and production in Moscow. . St. Petersburg and other large regions of Russia.

Only 17% of companies are ready to invest in import substitution: survey

According to a study obtained by Inc. Russia, this is associated with high risks.

In the past, assessing the suitability of investments was based more on expected returns and payback times, but today companies weigh potential losses and exercise extreme caution.

Of those companies that do invest in expansion, the main areas are:

  • current business development (52%)
  • projects with state participation or financing (“guarantee stability and security” - 22%),
  • import substitution (17%, in addition, under import substitution, respondents also referred to seeking "import substitution goods" from alternative suppliers and parallel imports).

Entrepreneurs explained their unwillingness to invest not only because of the risks, but also because of the lack of own funds, unfavorable loan conditions, and problems with the supply of equipment and components.

How long will the business be in a wait-and-see position, half of the respondents could not answer. Of the rest, a quarter expects to resume investments in six months, another quarter in a year.

“It takes time to rethink the business plan and reevaluate consumer demand. What was planned to be brought to market yesterday may not be necessary in today's new reality. And you can make money on completely different goods or services, ”says Inna Klenova, an analyst at Aktion Finance.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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