People who suffer from tumor of the nervous system (neurofibromatosis) can be cured with a epilepsy medication which proved to be very effective. People who contract neurofibromatosis (Nf1), fortunately often benign, can have serious consequences for vision and nerves.

Over there lamotrigine it has been indicated for years in neurological pathologies, especially for epilepsy. It works by inhibiting the hyperexcitable neurons resulting from the tumor, calming them down and preventing the cancer from reproducing.

There is no doubt that reuse of antiepileptic drugs is an effective way to stop tumor growth. During development, neurons form first and tell the brain how to form. If you have a mutation that affects the behavior of neurons, it can all change how the brain develops. This discovery could lead to new solutions for cognitive and learning disabilities in children with neurofibromatosis.

David Gutmann, University of Washington

This confirms the close relationship between neuronal activity and tumor development. The hyperexcitable mutant neurons typical of the nervous system tumor are the same ones that characterize epilepsy. Therefore, working with lamotrigine not only compensates for the interrupted ion channel of neurons, but also prevents tumor progression.

The entire scientific community can therefore be pleased and proud of this small but very important step. The future could bring a new and effective therapy thanks to an ancient medicine. As of today, the nervous system tumor seems a little less scary.

Source: Lega Nerd

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