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Spotify Takes Over Wordle Musical Called Heardle And Now You Can’t Listen To It Anymore


Wordle is a game that has gone viral. This title, which runs on a website and whose only mechanic is to write words until you find the word of the day, was and still is a milestone in terms of entertainment. Its simplicity, hiding a certain complexity, made millions of people play it every day..

Such was the popularity of Wordle that the game, programmed by one person and powered by a fixed database of all the words that would appear over the next few years, was eventually bought by The New York Times for a figure in excess of one million dollars.

Seeing this situation and, well, even before the purchase of The New York Times, the following happened. a huge number of games have been released that mimic the Wordle formulabut with a different theme. An example of this is Worldle, which is a geographic version where you have to guess the country from its shape.


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But it was not the only version released to the market and, in fact, Also arrived is Framed, a version dedicated to those who are passionate about cinema. as its work is based on showing the frames of the film until you recognize the film behind those images that have been shown to you.

Another game that was born out of Wordle is Heardle, and as the name suggests, it has a musical theme.. The way it works is quite interesting as the game plays the first few seconds of the song and increases the time until you manage to guess the name of that song.

The truth is that all these games born out of Wordle are quite interesting and, in fact, quite popular. This popularity prompted Spotify to take an interest in Heardle, and now he has completely taken over the game.. His acquisition took everyone by surprise as it was a move no one expected.

In a statement made by Spotify itself, they note that everything will continue as before and users will be able to continue playing Heardle without problems and for free. But the situation is different, because when accessing the Heardle website, we find a message that it is not available in our region..

We’ll have to wait to see Spotify’s move and see if it’s a bug., but if not, the truth is that it would be quite frustrating due to the fact that this is one of the most loved games in the Internet community. We will remain vigilant to see how the situation develops.

Source: Computer Hoy

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