To cause the recent and unexpected: floods of the National Park of Yellowstone they appear to have been extreme precipitation and rapid snowmelt. According to the scientists, it was all this that destroyed bridges and roads and severely damaged Gardiner in Montana, at the entrance to the park.

Heavy rain and abnormal heat temperatures caused the fast melting snow This has
stimulated the flow of the water. The strong one rainfall combined with the melting of the snow they brought with them
true deluge. The water of this deluge is equal to the area that receives two or three months of rain in summer
only in three days. This is the data collected by CNN meteorologists.

This great stream of water has flowed into valleys and rivers at lower elevations, here it has risen to record depths.
All this caused floods that were rarely seen before. Scientists have recorded such events a
Yellowstone in the presence ofrising temperatures global. This is due to the great heat of the
spring and summer.

Scientists from the US Geological Survey, Montana State University and the University of Wyoming have found that the world’s climate has changed dramatically. All based on the ever-increasing greenhouse gases that affect climate change. Temperatures recorded in Yellowstone have risen 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit since 1950. They can continue to do this at 5-10 degrees for the next few decades.

Although there will be a net reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasesrainfall
they could still rise from 9% to 15%. Except Yellowstone experiences everything else in the West
these sudden and intense environmental episodes. The studies also revealed possible substantial futures
downpours that could flood Montana and Wyoming.

Source: Lega Nerd

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