A paralyzed man thanks to the help of robotic arms managed to feed after 30 years. All this was possible thanks to the connection between the arms and the brain of the man who, with the necessary input, coordinated the movement.

The very last frontier of technology, in which thecouple between human mind and machine it has reached one of the highest and most extraordinary points. In the brain of the man, paralyzed in the fingers of the hands, gods are implanted electrodes By clenching and moving the fists, the individual supplied the electrodes attached to the arms with neural signals.

Commands like “cut the food”, “serve off the plate” were followed by the man who, using the mind-machine interface, cut himself a piece of cake. Needless to say, after 30 years of paresis, the emotion of both the man and the scientists following the experiment was immense.

While our findings are preliminary, we’re excited to give users with limited capabilities a real sense of control over increasingly smarter machines.

Francesco Tenore, physician and senior author of the experiment

Brain-machine interface: evolutions

Thanks to this 15-year study, people with motor and sensory problems, after years of silent suffering, were able to see the end of the tunnel. The authors of the study write this:

Brain-machine interfaces have the potential to increase the independence of such individuals. This is possible by providing control signals to the prosthetic limbs and reactivating the activities of daily living.

Although the technology is well advanced, it has not yet been fully perfected for the use of robotic arms in the medical field. But we are sure that robots will soon acquire almost human agility and skills. Then they can fully assist patients, not only in basic daily activities, but also in more complex situations.

Source: Lega Nerd

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