The mirror reflects a person or something else that is reflected in it. But in the end, no one has ever wondered what? colour is it a mirror? Here, physics intervenes by giving us an unexpected answer.

A mirror is supposed to be white, but has green hues. And the reason for these colors? What is the explanation?

The color is only visible if the White light touches the objects around us. Some of the light is absorbed and the other is reflected. It is the reflected wavelengths that represent the color we perceive.

Here, an object reflecting all wavelengths ultimately appears as white to human eyes. On the other hand, if it absorbs the lengths, it will be black. However, not everything is displayed equally well. There is a difference between reflection reflective and diffuse. In the case of a mirror, this is called mirror.

The color of a mirror, as we said above, is white as the human eye sees it. However, it is not a perfect white, because a mirror has imperfect materials.

Years ago, researchers discovered that mirrors are polarized at wavelengths between 495 and 570 nanometers. Nanometers are light that is perceived as the color green. Thus, the color of a mirror is green, which can be deduced from a simple experiment. By placing two perfectly aligned mirrors in front of each other, you can see how the light reflects off them. Here is the phenomenon of “mirror tunnel” and the deeper you look, the more you will see a dark green color.

Source: Lega Nerd

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