Dmitry Rogozin It was removed from the post of head of Roscosmos. After a wave of rumors, the Kremlin today announced the resignation of the controversial official. Rogozin’s departure comes at a critical time for the Russian Space Agency. The war in Ukraine and Western sanctions not only thwarted the plans of Roskosmos, but also put its director in constant feuds with NASA and the European Space Agency.

Rogozin was the head of the space agency for only four years. Nonetheless, its impact on the Russian space industry has become evident in the last decade. Prior to this position, he served as First Deputy Minister, responsible for the defense and space industries. This position allowed him to consolidate Roskosmos from a state institution into a sprawling state corporation.

In 2013, Rogozin carried out a reorganization that transformed Roscosmos and brought Russia back into the space race. The then Deputy Prime Minister stated that corruption and old practices have seriously affected productivityspawning failures like the Proton M. Gone are the days of Soviet dominance as the agency fell out of favor with bloated budget projects and three times NASA’s staff.

The restructuring worked because After many years of catastrophes and a space drought, Roscosmos carried out 25 launches in 2019. without registering a single error. Under Rogozin’s tutelage, the Russian Space Agency has made several flights to the International Space Station, signed agreements with China’s National Space Administration, and proposed the establishment of the Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS), the next but independent version of the ISS.

Dmitry Rogozin: from Roskosmos to monitor the occupied territories of Ukraine

Photo: Sergey Mamontov

The departure of Dmitry Rogozin from Roskosmos is not accidental. As one of Vladimir Putin’s confidants, the controversial official will play an important role in the government. The report says that Rogozin takes office as head of the presidential administration (AP), a secret office that operates as Putin’s chief guardian.

The cosmic king also sounds like one of the names control Donetsk and Lugansk, Ukrainian territories occupied by pro-Russian separatists. A few days before the start of the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the so-called “people’s republics”, which caused rejection from NATO and Western countries.

Sources close to the Kremlin admitted jellyfish that Dmitry Rogozin will move to the Presidential Administration and would have waited for a referendum on the accession of the occupied territories to Russia. If executed, he will become the administrator of Donbass and take the post of Deputy Prime Minister in order to have more freedom.

Rogozin has the approval of Vladimir Putin, who considers him full time patriot. This patriotism led him to numerous controversies during his time at Roscosmos. Before taking office, Rogozin suggested that the Americans use a trampoline to go into space. During the war in Ukraine, he said that he could separate the Russian part of the ISS and threatened to run the cosmonaut aground. He also threatened Elon Musk with death for sending Starlink satellites to Zelensky’s “fascist forces”.

After the departure of Dmitry Rogozin, Roskosmos will be headed by Yuri BorisovFormer Deputy Prime Minister for the Defense and Space Industry.

Source: Hiper Textual

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