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Facebook will finally let you have multiple profiles on the same account


The use of different profiles or identities under the same account has been one of the most common reasons for discussion in recent years of social networks, where the number and quality of features is increasing.

Today, there are several applications or platforms that have worked to give the possibility of using multiple accounts, where we can basically highlight Twitter or Telegram, which allow you to use different accounts at the same time in a very simple way.

Facebook is currently testing a way for users to have up to five separate profiles associated with a single account. Keep in mind that today Facebook only allows you to use one account. and you need to log out to be able to use another.


That’s why the social media giant says the feature will allow users to highlight different profiles for specific groups they want to connect with. like a separate Facebook channel just for your friends and another one just for your colleagues.

The purpose of this new feature is that With just two clicks, users can switch between profilessimilar to switching between Instagram or Twitter accounts, and which will be one of the features that they hope will increase the productivity of their users.


How to know if someone has logged into your Facebook

Additional profiles that can be added do not need to include the person’s real name, as users will be able to select any profile name and username as long as it is unique and does not contain numbers or special characters. People’s main profiles should still use the names they use in everyday life.Facebook says.

Among the options that the company will not allow to avoid misuse of this feature, it highlights that these additional profiles will not be able to misrepresent an identity or impersonate others. This is important to know because breaking these rules will affect your main account..

However, if Facebook detects fraudulent use that violates the terms of use and platform policies, they will be able to permanently delete your main account with all associated profiles.

Facebook says there are some parts of the platform that will only be available to people’s main profiles, such as creating and managing a page or using quotes on Facebook.

It is welcome that Facebook has finally decided to add such an important functionality that would allow us, for example, to have our company account as an additional profile, and this would greatly simplify the tasks and daily life of its users. .

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