If one thing is certain Xiaomi large sales of mobile phones are currently in the mid-range (especially those that are not affiliated with a carrier). That’s why it doesn’t stop putting pressure on this segment of the market and is an example where we say that a new model with the most important details known will be on the market soon.

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi CIVI 1S, a device that will come with an operating system as usual. Android and the manufacturer’s own MIUI 13 customization. One of the things that will attract the attention of the device we are talking about is that it will have a 4,500 mAh battery that will have an amazing fast charge: It is believed that it can reach. 67W (and you won’t miss the necessary power adapter in your box).

Another thing that will stand out on this phone is its screen. 6.55 inches It will have Full HD + resolution and will have a panel AMOLED -which will allow you to integrate the fingerprint reader into this component-. In addition, the Xiaomi CIVI 1S will be a device that will reach the operating frequency here. 120Hzso he will be among the best on the market and have nothing to envy his competition.

Good hardware inside

Before it becomes a particularly powerful model, which makes sense, it should be noted that its target is mid-range, it should be noted that its processor will be a mid-range. Snapdragon 778G PlusIt will not lack access to 5G networks. In addition, it is worth noting that the memory will be perfectly resolved: it will be possible to get versions with two storage capacities (128 or 256 GB), and the RAM will have the perfect amount of memory. eight or twelve gigabytes. It’s more than enough for you to even play with a great user experience.

Side of Xiaomi CIVI 1S


Regarding the camera, let’s mention that the rear and main camera will have optical image stabilization and will have three sensors: 64 + 8 + 2MP, which will be the first to bear the weight of the work (it will be very efficient since we are talking about the Samsung GW3). What does it have to do with the front element, it will stay at 32 megapixels.

With all that said, it’s clear that the terminal will do pretty well. complete. But the fact is that it will be necessary to see what exactly the Xiaomi CIVI 1S stands for in the manufacturer’s assortment. That’s pretty much it already, and it has a huge presence in all sorts of segments, so we’ll have to wait to discover what the company has in mind.

Introduction of this Xiaomi smartphone

As seen in an official poster released by Xiaomi itself, the event will take place in China from now on. 21st of April, so there is really little missing. It is possible that outside the mentioned country the name of the terminal will change, but to know this we will have to wait until May, when everything shows that this will happen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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