This Wednesday (13), moon It will reach its closest orbital point to planet Earth in 2022phenomenon known as Super Moon It makes you see bigger and brighter. Even the day coincides with the full moon and People from all over the world will be able to observe from 17.30 at night.

According to astronomer Josina Nascimento at the National Observatory (ON), the term supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Noelle in 1979 and defined it as the full moon or up to 90% of that point in perigee. This phenomenon can happen up to six times a year, but depending on the situation, the moon may be closer or further away.

The astronomer also explains in a statement sent by ON, that because the moon has an elliptical shape, it can move away and approach in its orbit around Earth. Periphery is reached when it comes to the closest point relative to our planet, the farthest point is called the apogee.

Deer Super Moon

Unlike many astronomical events, the Supermoon will be visible all over the world at night, especially in low-light areas. However, for a good view, the weather must be favorable and very cloudless.

“While Wednesday’s moon is indeed the ‘largest full moon of 2022’, its proximity to Earth will not be easily seen by most observers in terms of size. Despite this, observers may see a moon brighter than other full moons. If the weather is favorable, this phenomenon can be seen in all parts of the planet,” says Josina.

The supermoon occurs during the Buck Moon, as it’s known as the full moon in July – its name refers to the period of growth of the deer’s antlers, named for by a North American Indian tribe.

Source: Tec Mundo

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