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The Navarre police have run out of batteries in their electric vehicles midway through duty.


April was the month of the premiere of the Foral of Navarra community’s new electric vehicles, which its vice president and interior minister, Javier Ramirez, uploaded on Twitter to show everyone.

Of course, a very wise decision, since this is what little by little we see when it becomes a fact and public services at the state level they become electric.

However, like everything in life, there is always a negative side as well, and it seems that in the end they bring out the colors of the government, being condemned, because their cars could not get to the emergency point without first draining the battery.

And we are talking about emergencies that did not arrive in time (what this may mean for the victim) and, therefore, are neither effective nor useful.

However, not everything is so bad. In fact, and in spite of everything, we have two good news in this regard. One of them is about a sharp drop in CO2 levels, and the other is that the blood did not enter the river and did not cause serious health problems. Despite all this, which may sound very good, the main problem is catastrophic.

Using the example of foreign cases, our colleagues from Autobild tell us the story of the Tesla Model S, which replaced the usual police patrol car in Fremont, USA, who saw how the hijacker managed to escape before their eyes, because the car ran out of gas. battery in the middle of a chase.


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“The design options available for electric vehicles to drive may not be as advanced as I would like. So let’s just say I’m apprehensive about going any further down that path at this stage.”explains the police in Gloucestershire, UK, who, despite having the largest electric fleet, also faced a similar episode.

With all this on the table Seems like the best option is to wait. Of course, the fact that the Foral police have several police electric vehicles will not solve the global environmental problems we face.

Preferably timely and correct attention so that CO2 levels are reduced to very residual levels.

Source: Computer Hoy

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