Once an exclusive mobile app, Snapchat announced the launch of the browser-based software version of its messaging service. After 11 years, Snapchat can now be used on the desktop instead of just on your iPhone. Snapchat for the web is for subscribers only Snapchat + right now, but it will be gradually available to all users.

However, the web version currently only supports messaging and video calling, according to Engadget, Snap has expressed plans to eventually add support for augmented reality lenses. The company is also introducing privacy features in Snapchat for the web, for example, blocking all screenshot attempts it detects, including those with shortcuts. It also adds a privacy screen to block chats if you go to a separate window, suggesting that the company is betting heavily on this particular version.

As video calls continue to grow in popularity on the platform, Snapchat for the web is perfect for longer video calls. Engadget also suggests that Snapchat for the web Snap . will help compete with other messaging apps like Discord, where users often play games. In addition, Snapchat for the web won’t feature ads or other revenue-generating features, but still, according to a Snap spokesperson, more mobile-exclusive features will be coming to the web version as demand allows.

Did you know that even the director of US intelligence will work for Snapchat? In fact, it seems that Snapchat’s new head of security has a rather impressive resume: he is the current director of US Secret Services James Murra, we talked about this in an article on our site, which you can access by simply clicking the link to follow can be found right here.

Source: Lega Nerd

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