Sky WiFi it is the fastest ultra-broadband service in Italy. To testify is Ookla, who assigned the scope to the operator Speedtest Award. Sky WiFi debuted in our country just two years ago. At launch it was available exclusively to subscribers of the pay TV service, today it can be requested by all interested consumers.

Sky WiFi is the service of fastest landline in Italy. It beat all other services in both download and upload performance.

Sky WiFi achieved a speed score of 100.48, with a big gap in second place (with a distance of 18 points). Ookla has recognized Sky WiFi as the fastest landline service in our country.

Sky WiFi guarantees an average download speed of 445 Mbps and an upload speed of 280 Mbps, an excellent score, putting the service at the top of both rankings.

It has been a year of great success for Sky Wifi – Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia proudly noted – and this recognition by Ookla, obtained with a speed score never before registered in Italy, confirms how excellent the quality of our service is in ultra broadband . Families increasingly need powerful connections to better enjoy streaming entertainment or remote working and Sky Wifi offers them just that: maximum speed and the best value for money.

Source: Lega Nerd

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