Among its improvements tesla It is the development of entertainment for cars, allowing the interior system to be enjoyed on the central display. This stands out as a vital thing in today’s day of increasing competition in the electric vehicle segment (for example, the arrival of Xiaomi has already been announced).

The option to use Tesla Arcade has also allowed for a long time, among other things, to play simple games that are quite old. But things seem to change soon as the company starts working on a partnership with Steam. This is a platform that offers advanced games that can be downloaded from Valve or run in the cloud.

More options for Tesla

It has been known for some time that the two companies want to work together to increase their presence in everything related to the entertainment world. Elon Musk’s company will significantly improve your bid in fun, because the options available on Steam are more and more advanced. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy many popular games.

Steam, for its part, would only be the supplier of third-party games at Tesla for now. And this, in addition to giving you an added economic benefit, will also increase your cache for all things public. privilege typical feature of these electric cars.

When will Steam come to these electric cars?

Well, it was not very clear and everything was thought to be in 2023, but it is Elon Musk himself’s response to a message. excitement confirmed that things are on the right track. So much so that things can move forward. Owner of Tesla next month You will be able to see a test version where you will see both the functioning of the interface and the execution of some clearly selected games. Therefore, if you have a car from this manufacturer, you will definitely feel lucky.

And how will it work? Everything seems to be similar to what’s offered on other platforms like this one. Windows or Mac. This means that the Steam client can be downloaded for free and you only have to pay for the games you have purchased to download them. In this way, there will be an increase in the earnings of both Tesla and Steam. And we must not forget that all this may be associated with the advent of accessories such as a controller to control games much more efficiently.

The truth is, being able to enjoy games like Counter-Strike while traveling in the car seems perfect; dowry; and even Apex Legends. If this is provided, progress will be brutal For those with a Tesla.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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