There is no shortage of stories from users who have been confronted with the opportunity to have their lives saved by a Apple Watch, device that can really provide many functions related to health. In this particular case, let’s talk about how the Cupertino giant’s smartwatch managed to find a tumor.

To speak of the whole, as explained by the CBS Boston and thoroughly of Gizmochina. used to be Kim Durkeea 67-year-old woman rushed to surgery for deadly tumor removal after the device warned her of a possible heart problem and atrial fibrillation.

This is when a heart beats irregularly, which therefore leads to notifications in the event of problems occurring for users, in this particular case where Durkee received reports for three consecutive nights.

After the diagnoses were made, the open-heart surgery allowed her to survive thanks to the removal of the 4 cm tumorwith only two weeks in which to be released from the hospital, and thus the device that certainly saved her life by giving her the right warnings.

Source: Lega Nerd

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