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Google’s augmented reality glasses are getting closer to reality


Over the past few years, we have seen how different companies have become interested in both virtual and augmented reality and, logically, mixed reality, combining both technologies in one. Perhaps when you think of any of these elements today, the first thing that comes to mind is video games..

And so far, the entertainment industry has arguably been the biggest beneficiary of these new technologies. But this does not mean that the rest of the companies rested on their laurels, Today, companies such as Google or Apple are showing interest in these new technologies..

The way they’ve chosen to approach this adaptation may not have paid off in the short term, but both companies continue to push for integrating augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality technologies into the products they’re developing, which unfortunately they haven’t yet. released.


What is augmented reality?

One of the great products to come in the coming years is Apple’s mixed reality glasses, and every rumor that is known about these glasses is making headlines. But we’re not here to talk about Apple glasses. the points we are interested in are those that will be obtained from Google..

Mountain View has said on their official blog that they are working on augmented reality goggles, although they have also made it clear that the development of this device is not a speed race. With regards to the information that Mountain View representatives have offered, these glasses will already be in the hands of users to begin testing them..

Yes, they have gone from concept to reality. This means it’s likely that over the next few weeks we’ll see actual photos of these glasses that Google is holding in their hands.. They also provided information on how they are tested in the real world.

People selected to start testing will not be able to use them while driving or playing any sport. Also, ordinary citizens will be able to determine that a person is wearing these glasses thanks to their LED indicators.. It doesn’t stop there as they will be blocked when passing through schools or hospitals.

Source: Computer Hoy

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