We could perhaps call it the eighth wonder of the world, or rather of nature. Is called Kummakivic is a geological formation structured by two boulders one over the other, perfectly balanced. They can be found in the same position from 11 thousand years. The name of the stone is in Finnish, the country where it was found. The meaning is “strange rock”.

The specialty of this large boulder? It’s a mystery. It is the union of two boulders placed one above the other in perfect balance. To see them like this they seem very precarious at first. And some won’t believe it, but they’ve been like that for 11,000 years.

The two rocks have certain characteristics. The upper one is attached to the bedrock, while the lower one has the appearance of a partially buried curved mound. No man, not even the strongest, could make them move a millimeter. A unique sight to see! The exact location of this particular natural formation is in the Ruokolahti Forest area in southeastern Finland. The width is more than 7 meters, the height of 5 with a weight past 500 tons.

The theory of geologists says that the rock was brought there by glaciers during the last ice age. When the glaciers retreated, this kind of rocky creature was left in place. Although it is a wonderful rarity, it is not the only one in the world. There is also the Stone of the God of Heaven in India in Mahabalipuram. It is 250 tons, 6 meters high and 5 meters wide and has been floating on a hill for at least 1600 years.

Furthermore, in Arizona there is Balanced rock, 36 meters high. It was born from a process of erosion, so it is destined to fall any moment. Also in Italy we can boast of the presence of pendula stone. It is a large block of granite 2 meters long, 4 meters wide and 3 meters high, in Torno, in the province of Como.

Source: Lega Nerd

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