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E-ink labels on your bags eliminate the use of paper and reduce check-in time, a decision Alaska Airlines is already making.


There are several situations in the journey, or rather stages that you have to go through before boarding the plane. Logically, the first state is the arrival at the airport, and from there the paths branch into different timelines. those who fly only with hand luggage can go through control immediately.

In the case of a flight with large suitcases and requiring registration, you must go to the counters specially designated for this; being these places is a nightmare for many people. The experience is usually not the best, having to weigh the suitcase, show documentation and wait for a label to be placed on the suitcase to be registered..

Minutes spent at check-in desks are not excessively long as the people who work in these positions go out of their way to make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible. But that doesn’t mean the overall experience is as fast as the problem lies in the huge billing queues.


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The simplest and most practical solution may be to expand the workforce so that work is distributed more equitably., but as a rule, companies do not choose simple solutions. Basically, the last thing seen with the goal of reducing waiting times and speeding up the billing process is e-labels.

These labels will have an e-ink screen that will display the same information as a regular paper label. and adhesive side. Alaska Airlines is the airline that will start offering it to its loyal customers and not everyone will be able to choose to stick this tag on their suitcase.

Only those people who participate in the Alaskan Airlines miles plan will be able to access them after payment, since, logically, the company does not offer this for free. Among the advantages of these labels will be the fact that will be updated manually via NFC at check-in.

Also, They would not need to be charged as they do not have a battery, according to BagTag, the company behind these labels.. According to the company itself, integrating this new label model will save up to 40% of billing time and therefore speed up boarding.

Source: Computer Hoy

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