Having many four-legged friends in the area where you live is an advantage. In areas where there are more dogs, it is confirmed that there are fewer thefts and murders. An American study from the University of Ohio and Texas confirms this. Well, the dog in addition to having many other special abilities, he is now also able to Reduce over there crime.

The research team coordinated by Dr. Nicolò P. Pinchak concluded just that. However, after analyzing the crime data between 2014 and 2016 in 600 areas of census of the city of Columbus (Ohio) with 900 thousand inhabitants. He then combined the data with that of another study that asked families if they had a dog in the house.

Finally, these statistics were combined with the assessment of the confidence of the residents of the individual neighborhoods in the people they met on the street. In short, the crossover of all this data has confirmed that in the neighborhoods where there are more dogs, the crime is less. The number of attacks has also decreased, albeit to a lesser extent than thefts and murders.

The explanation will seem trivial to everyone. The presence of several dogs can warn of threats or suspicious persons. The dog barks and warns, but it’s not that simple. The real explanation lies in the walking the dogie, walking the dog. When Fido is big, they better discourage people with bad intentions.

People who walk their dogs are essentially patrolling their neighborhoods. They see when things are not going well and when suspicious strangers are around. It can be a deterrent to crime.

dr. pinchak

Past studies have also confirmed that dog owners often do friendship so that the community benefits from this positive climate.

Source: Lega Nerd

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