twitch improves the means to ensure the safety of pennant. Content creators can share the list of banned users among themselves. A kind of blaclist, which other streamers can implement to nip troll attempts and other harassment in the bud.

The new feature is called Shared Prohibition Information: Streamers can work together to make security more secure. For example, a streamer who has received homophobic or misogynistic comments can ban the user and share his name with other colleagues who may be subject to the same taunts.

The new feature is already in the rollout phase. Content creators can open a request for: share information about banned users. The information may be shared with other platform partners. Another option allows sharing of information between content creators who follow each other, or with channels referred to as affiliates (and thus part of the same network or ‘stable’ as streamers).

In other words, content creators are free to choose which colleagues they share information about banned users with.

When a user reported by another streamer tries to send a message in the chat, they will not be able to send standard messages in the chat of the other streamers collaborating with the first one. Streamers can still opt for a more flexible approach. For example, it is also possible to automatically flag a user’s posts reported by another streamer so that the moderators can decide on a case-by-case basis whether to ban the user or just monitor their activity, to neutralize attempts at harassment in the germ.

Last November, Twitch implemented a system called the Ban Evasion Detection Tool. The new system uses machine learning to prevent a user who has been banned by a streamer from creating a new account to return to insult the content creator.

Source: Lega Nerd

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