According to the CEO and founder of Netflix, traditional TV is now numbered. A way like any other of saying there is no going back to the on-demand streaming model.

Reed Hastings spoke about it at the last conference dedicated to the financial results achieved in the second quarter of 2022. On that occasion, Netflix executives announced that they had lost nearly 1 million users, representing the 200,000 lost subscribers by early 2022.

However, the data is good news at least in part. Netflix expected at least 2 million subscribers to bleed.

At the same time, Netflix also announced its intention to relaunch the platform with a mix of initiatives. From fighting password sharing – currently the subject of several tests in South America – to creating industry-leading intellectual property. “We want to make something similar to Star Wars and Harry Potter,” explained the platform’s administrators.

And then the certainty that the TV is now a fossil of the past. The rivals to be kept at bay are no longer cable TVs, nor satellite TVs like Sky. Rather, Netflix will have to focus on staying competitive against stiff competition from Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Peacock, and company.

“Over there Linear TV will be dead in 5 yearsup to ten years,” Reed Hastings said.

Following the statement of the founder of Netflix, The Verge wrote that American television is actually not doing so well. Suffice it to say, a series like Grey’s Anatomy has jumped from an average of 20 million per episode to about 4 million.

However, traditional TV is…well…free. You don’t have to pay for an internet connection and then another subscription (or even 12 subscriptions). Just turn on the television and, provided you have a good antenna, you’ll have access to lots of quality content. Content Netflix is ​​desperately — and with difficulty — trying to replicate and capture

writes Alex Cranz on the pages of the American site. To add to that, The Office, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy are themselves content born on traditional TV, but they also remain some of the most watched TV series on Netflix itself, despite all the money spent on original TV shows. productions.

Source: Lega Nerd

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