Amazon took over 100% of the American giant a medical, the largest network of private primary health care clinics in the US. The deal is worth $3.9 billion, with Amazon compensating investors by paying $18 per share.

Amazon is thus renewing its interest in healthcare and medicine. In fact, it’s not the e-commerce giant’s first step into the medical industry. Among the companies that have bought from the giant over the years is PillPack, the largest US online pharmacy.

Amazon has not publicly announced how it plans to integrate One Medical into its network of companies and services, an ever-expanding empire stretching from web hosting solutions, through the cloud and now reaching grocery stores.

We don’t even know if One Medical will remain an independent company, albeit 100% owned by Amazon, or if on the contrary it will be officially incorporated into a new company. Perhaps a new spin-off entirely devoted to medicine and? healthcare. What is certain is that the $3.9 billion will be paid cash: no compensation in shares or other financial products.

We believe that healthcare is at the top of the list of experiences and services that need to be completely reinvented. Making an appointment, waiting weeks or even months for the first visit, having to apply for a work permit, driving to the clinic, finding a parking space, waiting in the waiting room again… all this for what is often a visit rushed for a few minutes with the doctor before continuing to the pharmacy. It seems clear to us that there are many opportunities to improve the quality of the patient experience and give them back their precious time

We love inventions that make what should be easy even easier, and we want to be a company that can significantly improve the patient experience for years to come. Together with the approach people oriented and focused on One Medical’s technology, we believe we can help many people to get better medical benefits. We look forward to fulfilling our long-term mission.

read the press release signed by Neil Lindsay#1 in Amazon’s Health Services division.

Source: Lega Nerd

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