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How to Set the Book You’re Reading as Your Kindle Lock Screen


There have been some e-book readers that have been a huge success, the Amazon Kindle.

This is what they have achieved not only because of their high quality both in production and in operation, but also because they are versatile, in addition to launching several different models on the market in order to choose the one that best suits each user.

Over the years and after several different versions, they have improved, in some cases significantly, paying attention to these updates, in most cases, to the opinions of buyers.

In addition, thanks to these devices, you can choose the Kindle Unlimited service, where you will find over a million books to read on any Kindle device currently sold.

As you can see, these devices come with a lot of cool features, including the ability to set the cover of the book you’re currently reading as your Kindle lock screen.

Now we are going to explain how you can achieve this and how you are going to see it is much easier than you might have imagined at first.

Compatible devices

The devices in which we will be able to implement this feature of placing a book cover as a lock screen are Standard Kindle (8th generation and above), Kindle Paper White (7th generation and above) and Fire up the oasis.

In addition, we must not only be aware of the presence of one of these devices, but also be ad-free versionthat we can check both type and generation of Kindle by going to Content and devices for subsequent opening Devices.

In any case, the latter is not something irreversible as you can manually update your Kindle to an ad-free version or contact support to have them do it for you. You should know that the change costs about 20 euros.

Kindle standard


This is the first compatible device and the cheapest of all.

Kindle has a screen 6 inches at 167 dpi8 GB capacity, front lighting with four LEDs and autonomy weeksin addition to WiFi connectivity.

Kindle Paper White

Kindle Paper White


The Kindle Paperwhite is another option that allows us to experience the feature we’ll talk about later, being a more advanced device than what we’ve seen before.

In this case, the screen rises to 6.8 inches at 300 dpi17-LED front light, battery life of several weeks, adjustable warm light, Waterproof IPX8 and Wi-Fi connection.

There is also a version Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with wireless charging and automatic light control.

Fire up the oasis

Fire up the oasis


The Kindle Oasis is the most complete Kindle on the market right now.

He has a screen 7 inches, 300 dpitwo possibilities of internal memory, such as 8 or 32 GB, it also has an autonomy of several weeks, adjustable warm light, automatic light adjustment, Waterproof IPX8automatic screen rotation, page turning buttons and WiFi or WiFi + mobile connection.

Personalize your Kindle

Making the book you’re reading appear on your Kindle’s lock screen is very easy, much more than you all imagined to begin with.

The first thing we need to do is go to all settings and then type device settings.

There we should see the option to show the cover of the book we are currently reading as the lock screen of our Kindle device called show cover.

If our Kindle is compatible but we don’t see this option, the device is most likely not up to date.

In order to update it, we first need to make sure you are connected to the Internet. We are going to device settingswe are going to Advanced Options and choose yourself Update your Kindle.

The most normal thing is that from now on the option that we talked about earlier is fading. However, if your Kindle is still not showing the Show Cover Art option, it might be because we need to restart the device.

This can be achieved by going device settings and choice run again. Once enabled, this option will most certainly be grayed out, but available.

Now that our Kindle is up to date, we’re just going to device settings and activate Display cover.

With display cover enabled, your Kindle will display the cover of the book you are currently reading on the lock screen, whether you lock your Kindle manually or after a timeout.

Display cover


Switch to another cover

If we want our Kindle’s lock screen to have a different skin, just we have to choose another book to read. this will cause the cover of said email to be the new lock screen shot.

This means Kindle switch automatically the specified screen depends on the book we are reading ourselves, which should be taken into account, because if we do not want the cover of the book we are currently reading to be visible, it is best to deactivate this system.

To do this, you must follow the same steps that we indicated earlier to activate it, but by pressing “Display Cover” and completely disabled.

As you have seen, changing the lock screen of Amazon Kindle devices is very easy as it is done in a few steps and almost directly.

The fact that it is something automatic has its own good part and negative partso at the end of the day we have to be the ones in control and decide if we want this ability to run continuously or if we activate and deactivate it to our liking.

You can tell us what you think about what we have explained to you today on our social networks and if you were interested in using it yourself on one of your Kindle devices.

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