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Samsung mobile phone repair mode, what it is and what to use it for


One of the biggest nightmares for everyone is to leave your mobile phone at a service center, waiting for them to fix any malfunction that the smartphone reports. And that’s where we get paranoid, and rightly so, about whether our data is safe in the hands of someone who needs to fix the problem for us.

Will you look at my photos or my contacts? Will he listen to my WhatsApp conversations? All of us who have ever left them repaired have been left with this doubt. Ethically and as professionals, this is something that should not be part of their modus operandi, but who knows.

That’s why Samsung quite cleverly decided to include new feature called Repair Mode. Of course, specify that this will be the first time for South Korean users and only on the Galaxy S21 series.

Well, once activated, Samsung Repair Mode ensures that technicians they can only access the essential applications they need to do the work they need.. This ensures that your personal files, user accounts, photos, videos and other data remain inaccessible to any prying eyes.

However, as mentioned above, the mode is in its infancy and will roll out slowly as usual, so your Samsung phone may not yet be able to use it if you are receiving or needing a repair at the moment.

How to activate Samsung recovery mode?

You can activate recovery mode in The Battery & Device Care menu in the Settings app. After activation, the phone will reboot and the service technician’s access will be limited to the above.

Once the recovery is complete, you can restore access to your data by rebooting your device and unlocking it. Disabling recovery mode will return all device settings to their previous state.

With all of this, there are a lot of questions left on the table to answer, such as details about the release schedule and which devices will be supported. It also seems obvious that not all repairs will be supported in this mode.

However, this new feature, which seemed more than necessary and which no brand launched to develop it, is very useful.

Source: Computer Hoy

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