Here’s the magic formula to prevent weight gain and insulin resistance. This is the sour activated carbon. It was demonstrated through an experiment on mice. A three-month high-fat diet along with activated charcoal maintained their typical weight. Activated charcoal seems ideal to avoidobesity and the health risks, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes mellitus. In humans, using activated charcoal should provide the same benefit as in mice, provided a healthy diet is followed.

To prove this thesis, an international team of Japanese scientists led by Professor Naoki Tanaka has teamed up with other research centers. They tried the experiment on mice for 12 weeks. Activated carbon is alkaline, so the researchers tried to use acidic activated carbon extracted fromred pine tree.

The mice were treated with different diets. The first with a high-fat diet, then the second with a traditional diet. The third, finally, with the diet of the first group but with acidic activated charcoal. Eventually, the mice in the first group gained weight compared to those on the normal diet. Those of the third group, despite a very high-calorie diet, have the ideal weight.

In addition, activated charcoal mice reported feces with neutral lipids, cholesterol and bile acids present in very high levels. A comparison was always made with mice on a high-fat diet but without activated charcoal. Thus, the latter seems to promote the excretion of these elements, thereby preventing insulin resistance and weight gain. Activated charcoal does not cause problems with the liver, pancreas, lungs or other organs, as shown in mice. In fact, it could be a valid help for everyone’s health.

Source: Lega Nerd

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