Scholars from the University of Bologna within the ERC INSCRIBE project discovered the contents of a old language. They succeeded with the deep learning technique, that is artificial intelligence. The language is the Cypro-Minoan that existed at the time of the Bronze Age.

The researchers explain:

The old, indecipherable scripts, present problems of a different nature, not only with regard to linguistic identification. The indecipherable Cypro-Minoan script of the second millennium BC. For example, Cyprus does not currently have a standardized and definitive inventory of characters and is furthermore divided into three separate subgroups, which would also include different languages. However, this state of the art is not accepted by experts. We want to apply a method that can shed light on the tripartite classification, to assess whether it opposes a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach. This involves considerations related to palaeography (shape of individual signs) and epigraphy (writing style linked to the medium used) and especially strategies based on deep learning. Commonly applied in many fields, such as computer vision and computational linguistics, these automatic methods allow us to look at the specific problems presented by ancient and little-known writings in general from an innovative perspective. The use of a state-of-the-art convolutional neural model that is unsupervised and therefore uses no prior knowledge of the script is still underrepresented in the study of undecipherable writing systems, helping to examine the tripartite distribution from a new point of view of vision. The conclusions we have drawn show that: 1. the use of different media greatly disrupts the uniformity of the shapes of the signs; 2. the application of different neural techniques confirms this, as they emphasize the graphic proximity between characters inscribed on similar carriers; 3. Multi-stranded approaches prove to be a successful tool for examining ancient scripts whose language has not yet been identified. More importantly, these aspects together point to the validation of a single Cypro-Minoan script.

Source: Lega Nerd

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